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D-Tools Data Library Offers Simple-to-Use

Streamlined Business Process Equals Repeat Customers

“The client used Millennium Systems Design at their last home,” says Mauricio Barrientos, Director of Operations for Millennium Systems Design. “Due to the success of that project, it was an easy decision for the client to call us again and request us as their AV company for this new construction project.”

“The success of the first project was based on our systems and processes that we developed using D-Tools,” adds MSD Owner Mike Barry. In all, Barry estimates MSD has saved 5 to 10 percent in project costs over the years thanks to the efficiencies added by D-Tools. “When your average project is between $100,000 and $150,000, a five to 10 percent increase on profit is tremendous,” he says.

Most importantly, customers are happy. “We are a 90-percent referral based company, and D-Tools System Integrator has a lot to do with that,” says Barry. “Whether it’s a quote, a pick-list, a design, or project management, D-Tools is the backbone of everything we do here at Millennium Systems Design.”

In the past, MSD used Excel spreadsheets to help create bids and generate pick lists. “We’d sometimes have missing product when we designed a system, or we wouldn’t capture labor properly, increasing our internal costs for the project and reducing profitability,” says Barry. “We needed to be more efficient as a company.”

MSD encountered the D-Tools SI platform at CEDIA ten years ago and thought it could help solve these challenges. Today, Barry and his team, including Barrientos, General Manager Kale Scheitler, and Lead Technician don’t bat an eye when tasked with designing a large, multi-zone, whole-home system for even the highest profile clientele.

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