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All of our products are based on engineer drawings production, but also able to develop new products according to customers’ requirement. And all products were exported to Germany, Poland, France, Brazil, Australia etc.

1. Service
We offer and respond to customer normal in a short time, sometimes one hour to one day. No later than 3 days.

2. Price
We have a team formed by senior engineers to ensure good process, suitable tools, mass production tooling, so we normal have lower and reasonable price.

3. Quality
At Johnson tools, quality control is one of our core values and we’ve made significant investments in both our staff and equipment to ensure we meet the standards the industry and our customers demand.

We control quality from material and have many inspection instruments help us ensure quality.

For us, on-time delivery is a must. Our delivery time is usually a bit earlier than the customer's.

● Electroplated diamond hole saw ● Electroplated diamond cutting disc ● Electroplated diamond grinding wheel ● Vacuum brazed diamond hole saw ● Vacuum brazed diamond cutting disc ● Drill guide ● Carbon steel hole saw ● Adjustable circle hole saw ● Forstner bits&Other products
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